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Central and Eastern European Online Library

Psychological Research is referenced in VANITI Russian Academy of Sciences

The first academic journal "Psychology research" was founded in 1998. The journal objective is to present articles, complying with the high scientific research publication criteria and to assist psychologist in all spheres in their work. It promotes the scientific research activities of the Institute for Population and Human studies –BAS (IPHS at BAS), aids the development of all basic psychology branches and of the psychologist profession.

The journal is published in circulation of 300 copies of average volume 12 folios. In case there are scientific forums, a third additional book is published in the corresponding year, containing the full text of the more significant reports. The journal has received publications from the Tennessee University, USA, State University – Oregon, USA, West Australia University, Perth, Free University – Amsterdam, Holland, Oslo University, Norway, Episcopic Catholic University of Salamanka, University in the Country of Basques, Spain, "St. Climent Ohridski" University, Bitolia, Macedonia, "St. Kiril and Metodii" University, Skopje, Macedonia, Nish University, Serbia, South-Ukrainian State Pedagogic University, Odessa. Our regular readers include the Congress Library in USA, Burkeley University, California, the Ukraine Academy of Sciences Library, the Russian Academy of Sciences, etc.

Psychological Research is referenced in VANITI Russian Academy of Sciences

The Psychological Research journal is included in the Central and Eastern European Online Library database

The journal has been approved for inclusion in ERIH PLUS. The ERIH PLUS listing of the journal is available at

The journal won the competition of the Scientific Research Fund "Scientific Periodicals" with project leader Dr. Antoaneta Hristova, Associate Professor.