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The Institute for Human and Population Studies has its own adapted methodologies for
psychological research. The scientists at the institute carry out applied activities, connected with
coaching and training in the sphere of social competence.


Psychology Department

● Negotiation management
● Communication skills
● Direct communication and reflection of the communication processes
● Conflict resolution
● Self-assertive behavior
● Team building and team compatibility
● Encouraging cooperation
● Group process and group dynamics
● Change management
● Leadership and employee motivation
● Dealing with stress and psychological tension
● Resolving identity crises
● Dealing with aggression in schools
● Psycho-active substance dependency: factors and prevention
● Development of motivation for continuous learning and development

Demography Department
● Prepares consultations and expert opinions on the state and development of demographic processes to the competent management authorities in the country and to non-government organizations;
● Scientists participate as experts in workgroups at the ministerial and other state agency levels as well as at local government bodies;
● Promotes its research in the scientific journals and in the mass media.