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The Department of Psychology develops 6 major psychological domains (personality psychology, developmental psychology, work and organizational psychology, social psychology, health psychology, cognitive psychology and methodology of psychological measurement) and this premises its usefulness for various areas of development and functioning of the society and its individuals.

Scientific products and expertise of the researchers at the Department of Psychology (professors, associate professors, assistant professors) are helpful to:

  • Students and PhD students in psychology and in all other subjects including courses in different psychological domains (educational, social, work and organizational, etc.). They can reap the benefits of scientific advising for their diploma and course works, PhD theses and get introduced to our research products, publications and expertise.
  • Universities providing for courses in psychology, as we have the capacity to teach traditional and introduce new courses on various psychological subjects.
  • Pupils and parents with regard to their career orientation and also with regard to their psychological development and health, adaptation to new conditions, development of communication skills, etc.
  • Schools, particularly to their management and teaching staff and also to school psychologists, by expertise, consultations and problem-solving interventions for a wide range of issues.
  • Ministry of Education, Youth and Science as experts and researchers, to study and find solutions for specific issues, as consultants in the process of decision-making (for example, pupils' behaviour management, aggression management, selection of appropriate textbooks, etc.).
  • Companies, agencies, enterprises, administrations by personnel recruitment advising with regard to personality compatibility for team-building purposes, conflict management, enhancement of work motivation and work satisfaction, different skills development trainings, effective decision-making, marketing campaign management, etc.
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Policy as experts, consultants with concern to existing and new emerging work and social environment issues of public importance.
  • Psychological practice by provision of research methods, research design advising, etc.
  • Individuals who ask for advice to efficiently solve a certain problem or troubles related to psychic health, work, children, family, communication, etc.

Our psychological competence is applicable to all domains of both individual and social life and work. It suggests adequate approaches to management, education, work, communication, psychological support, etc., which is important both for individual comfort and for efficient functioning of the society as a whole.

The research products of the Department of Demography are addressed to all experts and specialists who are interested in demographic and socioeconomic issues of the population and its specific groups. These products are oriented to and can be used by:

  • Scientists and researchers in the areas of demography, social and economic sciences, whose studies encompass issues in the domains of fertility, mortality, nuptiality and cohabitation, migrations, population ageing, demographic transition, demographic features and behavioural characteristics of some population risk groups, ethnic identity, social inequalities and poverty, regional demographic studies, demographic aspects of labour force evolution and reproduction, population modelling and projections, historical demography issues, etc.
  • University lecturers and students in all higher education degrees – Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral and Postdoctoral.
  • State government institutions such as the Presidency, the Council of Ministers, the National Council for Cooperation on Ethnic Issues, etc;
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Culture, and some other ministries;
  • Embassies of the EU member countries;
  • National administrations such as National Social Security Institute, National Statistical Institute, National Centre of Health Informatics, National Employment Agency, State Agency for Child Protection, Agency for Social Assistance, National Commission for Maritime History, etc.;
  • Regional/Local government bodies of districts, municipalities and town councils;
  • NGOs such as Democratic Union of the Women, Inter Ethnic Initiative for Human Rights Foundation, Foundation for Local Government Reform, etc.;
  • Business establishments, companies and banks when doing marketing and other research related to demographic processes and characteristics of the Bulgarian population.